You Want To Gift Someone A Unique Thing? Gift a Power Bank Label Your Own Name

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In this digital era where we are love to complete our tasks with the help of technological gadgets. Now devices have become a necessary part of our lives, and we all want get new gadgets. Then we all want our gadgets fully charged all the time. But is it possible? The answer is yes, we can have our devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops fully charged all the time by the help of a custom power bank.

Custom power bank is a portable charger that can charge your gadgets. These portable chargers save the electric power according to its capacity and then supply it to your device. You just need to charge your power bank completely and carry it anywhere.

A portable power bank is the best gift with your company name for promotional tactics. You want to promote your company in business community, colleagues or friends? Just gift them a portable charger with your company name printed on it. Everyone have mobile phones now days, and they will surly love to carry your brand named charger everywhere. Different brands also have their own portable chargers. 

Different Style of Promotional Power Bricks

You can have a variety of style in promotional power banks on internet. You just have to select it and place your order. But if you do not like any specific design or style, you can design it yourself. Design its shape, decide its specifications and place your order.

These are different types of promotional power banks:

  • Shoot Power Banks
  • Express Shoot
  • Buzz Power Banks
  • Express Buzz
  • Blitz Power Banks
  • Elite Tablet
  • Surge Power
  • Metallic Luster Power Bank
  • Power Bank Promo Gift CPB03PF


  1. You can have it different sizes; it is available in the size of credit card, lipstick or mobile phone size. The choice is yours.
  2. These are available in different shapes, slim power bank, round bank, like coke bottle.
  3. These are very light in weight. So you can easily carry them.
  4. You can have it in different colors.
  5. You can have portable power bank in material of your own choice like plastic, metal or aluminum.
  6. You can have a portable charger with built-in USB cable, or a separate USB cable.
  7. You can also add different adopters in it for different devices.
  8. Some power banks also have LED flashlight in them.
  9. These are available in different capacities like 2600 mAh, 1000 mAh and so on.
  10. These chargers can charge all those devices that have USB ports. 



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