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An assisting too for mobile games XModGames runs in an environment with high authority, based on jail broken idevice and Android device and if you want to read about Xmodgames for Android. It is created to help users to save time, get better game experiences and improve the efficiency of games. It belongs to modded tool APP and is safe as well as free without any malicious plug- ins. This app aims to help game users obtain convenience while playing instead of affecting the interest of the game.

Features of XModGames

  • XModGames is an all- round management for games which has a button set for launching. It can match your games automatically in your device and is quite easy to install.
  • It is a super game mod which can even surpass your opponents. This is one of the most convenient and considerate game mods developed by a professional development team.
  • No matter what ever the type of game- be it puzzle, cards, strategy or board, XModGames ensures that you enjoy the games with ease and lets you surpass your competitors immediately.
  • The version of mods updates timely. To keep up with the trend of the most popular games, XModGames provides the mods for them. This lets you experience the best and most widely covered game mods in the first time.
  • XModGames work only in rooted devices and can hack only android games.
  • Much cooler interface for every new user.
  • Boosts the gaming speed on its own.
  • Built- in screen capture and smooth HD record.
  • Gadgets to enhance social interactions in games.

XModGames are available for both jailbreak and without jailbreak devices or without Cydia. Many of us have an iOS device but do not wish to jailbreak iOS. Here is how you can download XModGames on iOS without jailbreak or without Cydia:

Download XModGames on iOS without Jailbreak on iPhone/iPad

  1. First download XModGames.Deb file (x.deb).
  2. After downloading, install iFunBox on your Windows or Mac.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the device using an USB cable.
  4. Next open iFunBox from your computer and go to “your device” on iFunBox.
  5. Go to the “Cydia App Install” and copy the .deb file that was previously downloaded.
  6. Now restart your iPhone/ iPad and you will see that the .deb file will be installed automatically and will then be auto- deleted.
  7. XModGames currently work fine efficiently in iOS 9.3.2, iOS 9.3.1/ 9.3.3 or iOS 9.4 than the previous iOS versions- iOS 9.2.1/ 9.2 and iOS 9.1/9.

For those who want to download XModGames for jailbreak devices on their iOS devices, here are the steps that you can follow to download this app on your device:

  1. Click on the Cydia icon and launch it.
  2. Next you have to click on Sources and then click on the Edit tab. Once done click on the Add tab to add up a new source. Once you click on the Add tab, a new window will pop up to Enter Cydia URL. After this you will have to enter http://apt.xmodgame.com and then click on Add source.
  3. The downloading process takes quite some time. Once the downloading is completed, click on XModGames and tap on All Packages.
  4. You can now access the application by just clicking on it and this app is ready to use.

Here are few games that are supported by XModGames:

  • Clash of King
  • Clash Royal
  • Clash of Clans
  • Minecraft
  • 8 Ball Pool
  • Subway Suffer
  • Criminal Case
  • Agar.io

Xmod games supports the above main stream games with great features that helps the users to expand their gaming experience. It improves the gaming efficiency by helping users to get a better gaming experience without causing any kind of lag. It is a free app and is safe to use. They also provide bug free updates and the mods are added regularly to serve its purpose. The root is required to run the app on your device which may not be good news for users with less technical knowledge.


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