What are the most important 7 SEO master keys in 2016 we need to focus on?

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Are you attached with the internet marketing field, then SEO is actually very important. Many business owners don’t know what SEO is all about, but on the other hand, those people who are well-informed about the SEO are following the SEO policies to boost the ranking. Google, which is considered to be the famous search engines use difficult algorithms in recognizing the related websites for specific search terms. Toughest thing is to write SEO optimized content for the website to boost the rankings. Apart from the content the following SEO strategies will help you to boost your profit in 2016. Here are 7 seo master keys/guides check it out one by one.
1. Create your website influencer;
According to the name, influence is anything who would leave a powerful impact on the people. You can also say that your website influences mean more and more general public would attach to your website and share your articles. A perfect approach is to hire the SEO expert writer because writers know how to write the content for the website.
2. Follow a content-promotion approach;
Content should be filled up with the focus keywords. If your title and content, both contains the related keywords, it will rank by its own on the search engines. Blogs, videos and webinars will help you in increasing the links online. Generated links are also helpful if your website gets connected to some more websites and gets social media shares. You should generate plagiarism free content on a daily basis so that your website seen on the Google and to boost your ranking on the Google.
3. Powerful backlinks matters a lot;
Apart from the above mentioned SEO strategies, you should emphasize on generating backlinks. The best practice is to write the reviews on the industry. Your hired SEO Company can also assist you in regards to the digital domain.
4. Mobile friendly website;
In 2015 Google elects a main update which is known as the ‘Mobilegeddon’. According to it, your site should be mobile friendly and in 2016 the policy of the responsive design and mobile subdomain will also be ruled. So make ready your site ready for the mobile version in 2016
5. Secure your site through HTTPS;
In HTTPS ‘S’ stands for the security. If your URL clues with the HTTPS, then it means that your website is 100 % protected. Google is emphasizing for the HTTPS, to boost your website in regards to the ranking by securing it. If due to any issue your site isn’t protected in 2016 you are totally fails in the SEO field.
6. Don’t forget about the schema.org markup;
Schema.org is basically considered to be a markup that actually puts your website code and also permits many things like informing Google about your logo, track down your videos, reviews, and your company bio.
7. Social Media: important SEO Piece
Nowadays, search engine optimization has played a vital role in determining the website ranking your website will receive. When it comes to the 2016 social media strategies, social media is one of them. It can either make or break your marketing campaign online. By handling social media effectively for your website, you can get good brand exposure, links and more visitors to your website. In short, you will get the too much search engine rankings that you are always looking for.
With the above mentioned important strategies you can consult with the professional SEO expert. Close by you can find so much SEO companies in the market, but make sure that their SEO services should be affordable for you also.


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