Tips on Maximizing Your YouTube Marketing Result

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With increased internet and mobile video viewing, many businesses have turned to video marketing and are therefore focusing their efforts on maximizing their YouTube marketing results. They are working towards increasing their YouTube views and the number of YouTube subscribers. However, many online business owners wonder exactly how to achieve this. Outlined below are various useful tips for business owners on how to maximize YouTube marketing results and at the same time manage their YouTube views, comments, subscribers and likes which often affect the video’s visibility.

1. Create Compelling Videos

A compelling video doesn’t have to be a video containing a soprano singing dog, a dancing monkey and so on. A compelling video, should be a video that will effectively address the needs of your audience. It should be helpful when it comes to answering the questions that they have and providing useful information about the product or service that you are selling and how it can benefit them. The content is what will compel your audience to heed the call to action.

2. Optimize Your Video For Search Engines

It is often important to make your YouTube videos findable, something that will help them rank higher in major search engine result pages. Ensure that the title of the video contains the keywords that will attract the target audience. Add a colon after the keywords in your title then continue the rest of your title. Be as descriptive as possible in your video and use the keywords in your description to enable the target audience to find you easily. Include URLs in your content to further make your YouTube video findable. Also make use of tags among many other things that you could use to get found by your target audience.

3. Brand the YouTube Channel

You don’t have to spend a lot of dollars when it comes to branding your YouTube channel. It is still possible to create this effective branded experience on your YouTube channel. You can custom the background by choosing colors that best represent your brand. Choose “player view” as your overall layout because it will give your viewers a better experience. Also ensure that your video is set to autoplay for the best effect. You could also create playlists that will feature your highest quality content in the right column. Playlists are a great way of video organization on YouTube.

4. Make Use of Annotations

Annotations such as clickable calls to action should appear at the top area of your videos for a certain period. They can be playlists, channels, links to other videos or simply subscribe options. Annotations will help you build your YouTube subscribers.

5. Alert Your Subscribers By Posting A Bulletin

With The Bulletin tab located at the top of your channel it is possible to create a bulletin and a link to a video which will appear on the home pages of your friends and subscribers. This is an effective way of drawing extra attention and a good amount of traffic to your video.

6. Share Videos on Social Media

YouTube itself is a social media platform and it can be well integrated into other social media platforms. You can share your YouTube video with your followers on all your social media platforms. This is another effective way of getting more YouTube views and popularizing your brand.

As you practice the above tips as part of your YouTube marketing, remember that creating good content is the key to maximizing your YouTube marketing results.

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