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Did you know how much the modern society is getting affected by the internet and smartphones? No doubt the latest technology has improved the lifestyle of people but, when it comes to technology the negative impact can never be neglected. Dominating the lives of people smartphones and internet has managed to increase the patients of addiction to them. Most of the children of the new age are known to show the symptoms of the internet addiction and these symptoms include depression, degrading self-esteem, insomnia etc.

The real enjoyment and fun that was earlier experienced by us as child are nowhere to be seen now. Technology has laid a strong grasp on the lives of people that people have let technology control them. The problem of smartphone addiction and internet addiction is continuously increasing and becoming a major concern for all our physiatrists and parents.

Do You Know Fact #1: China was the first country to declare the internet addiction is one of the clinical disorders in 2008.

There is a lot of study that is still going on in this very concerned topic of internet and smartphone addiction. But going to extreme level and making your child leave everything completely is not a damn solution.


There are many ways and tips that can be taken to avoid the problem of internet and smartphone addiction and these include:

Do you know Fact #2: Kimberley Young is the founder of Internet Addiction Centre at US started in 1995

  • LIMIT SETTING: As the great saying by Kimberley Young  goes “Going Cold turkey on Internert isn’t the solution”.Limited use of the internet is the one way to tackle the addiction of smartphone and addiction and parents should allow their children to use it for a limited time. It is important to get mingled with the new technology to keep in touch with the new ongoing stuff and this can be done simply by Phone Monitoring app.
  • GET DEVICES IN OPEN: you can choose the best option of keeping the computer devices or laptops in the common areas to keep the internet use in check. This is one simple way to monitor the use of internet for your kids. With keeping all devices in the common room your kids won’t use them whenever they feel like.

REMEMBER: Laptops and computers should be password protected always.

  • MONITOR KID’S PHONE ACTIVITY: there are many ways that can be used to monitor the phone’s activity of your kid and that would include using the Mobile Monitoring Applications that are usually called as the Spy Applications. So, Monitor phone activity with the simple installation of the spy applications on the phone you want to spy on. The best part about this is that it is very simple to download, install and use these Spy apps developed by the latest technology. With these Spy apps you can keep in touch with what your child is doing on their mobile sets including: Messages, Calls, Internet browser stuff, Applications and much more.
  • BE OLD FASHIONED, NO PROBLEM! Trust me being old fashioned is not a disgrace. You can easily agree in front of your child that you are old fashioned because it is good option to be honest than being fake cool person that would keep you worried. Make a statement loud and clear that being old fashioned with modification is the best way to go!


With the proper monitoring of the smartphone and computer devices, you can easily manage to become the best parent. As we all know that, kids idolize their parents and get influenced easily by them. So, make sure you put a good influence on them and use your phones and internet a little less. Now, it is not the case that you should not let them use the internet or mobile phone but, you should definitely keep it in check and that can be easily done with some tips mentioned above. You can easily monitor phone activity using the mobile monitoring apps developed basically for  the same purpose.

With the simple and tricky tricks you can become the best parent in the world for your child and help them avoid and resolve the issue of smartphones and internet addiction because this is not a way to go.



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