Which portable power bank should you get?

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A power bank is a portable charger for mobile devices which is very useful.  Especially for the people who travel frequently and face power shortage problems due to loads of work on the way. Portable power banks have specific attributes on the basis of which the top power bank should be selected. Its capacity determines the usage of the power bank. Price is an important factor. As you should be concious of the thing that; Are you getting the product of the same quality that you are paying for?


Check the following video for  top power banks reviews in the market




Our recommendations are


·         Anker power core

·         Aukey power bank


Here are some important features of the recommended products


Anker Power Core


Power core have 20,100 mAH ultra high capacity battery, power IQ technology, and 4.8 A output  for iPhone, iPad and Samsung galaxy phones . This power bank is available in $39.99 with 18 months warranty. It’s 4.8 Amp output makes it suitable to charge any combination of devices at full capacity. The product is available in black and white color. Due to its ultra high capacity Anker says their product can charge iPhone 6  seven times, a Galaxy S6 5 times and an iPad mini twice.



Compatible devices are


§  MacBook 2015 of 12 inch

§  Apple and Android

§  Tablets

§ Other USB devices except HP touchpad, iPod classic, HP touchpad, Dell venue 11 Pro, Asus tablets  and some GPS and Bluetooth devices.


The reviews are pretty good too on the Ankers website. You can buy this product from the Amazon as well. Try this


Aukey Power bank


Aukey power bank with 20,000mAH capacity enough to charge iPhone 7 plus four and half times or  9.7” iPod one and half times. The Quick charge 3.0 and AiPower technology indicates it is a good power bank to have. This is a better option for you if you want a lightweight power bank of 388 g (13.7oz) with high capacity. The power bank is available on amazon in $42.99 and with free shipping. Model number for this power bank is PB-T10. A 5 volts input is required by this bank, and it gives two outputs of 3 amperes for iPhone with Quick Charge 3.0 and 2.4A with AiPower.



Quick charge 3.0 is able to charge four times faster than the conventional charging power banks. It is adaptable for all android and Apple gadgets with up to 2.4 amperes. The best feature is the built-in safeguard to protect all of the users devices from excessive heating and overcharging. The device is available on Amazon with 24 months warranty. Available only in black color.


So you are going to buy a Portable Power bank soon as it has become a necessity nowadays. Keep our recommendations in your mind while selecting one. Do a wise decision as you are choosing the future of your gadgets. A poor power bank can be dangerous for the future of your gadgets so choose prudently



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