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To begin , you must first confirm that you are using the best WordPress Permalinks settings . Go to Settings > Permalinks , then click the Customize button and add the following code:

/ % Postname % /

This will pretty URLs that are named after their documents rather than the structure of the default URL “? P = 133” , which is ugly and bad for search engines .

The next concept to understand is the relationship between parents and children with pages . A father is a top- level, it is the children , everything else follows. Children are also known as sub – pages and are a convenient way to organize content on your site, especially if the template has a dropdown menu.

Now , say you are linking from the home page to a page several sub – pages deep . First , go to the new page you made and copy the URL that appears just below the page title . For example :

WordPresstrainingcenter/editing-content/adding-images /

Note that I have the domain name . Not required . Now, if I’m in the home and I am making a link to the page Adding Images only select my text , click the link icon and paste the link in.

But what if I want to make a link from one page to another , in this case a link from this page:

WordPresstrainingcenter /editing-content/adding-images /

to this page:

WordPresstrainingcenter /editing-content/adding-videos /

The correct link to the page Adding images would look like:

.. / Adding – videos /

Note the additional terms and slash ? This is the part of the code that tells the system to go “up” from one level to the content editing , and then back “down ” view of what exists on the same level .

If this is all confusing, you can find a video version of this guide at the following link , where inside the WordPress interface is visually illustrated .

Follow the link for the full tutorial video WordPress or find other great tips in our WordPress training center blog .



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