Google Red Signal for SEOs

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I noticed something is going to happening as we are seeing Google search engine ranking fluctuations by last few weeks. I was reading comments of SEOs at WebmasterWorld, Searchengineland and Seroundtable. Many more SEOs are noticing lots of changes, some saying reversals and few are saying penguins crossing slowly, to whatever was happening most recently with Google search engine ranking.

Read interesting comments what peoples are saying at WebmasterWorld, Searchengineland and Seroundtable.


According to my prediction, Google shuffling the rankings is a long term game plan, more so than usual. May be it will be red signal for SEOs as SEOs faced on first penguin update. May be it will come with new name like rabbit update, Horse update, eagle update etc. On other hand always we have to ready to face these kinds of problems in SEO field because Google can release any kind of new update on any time as I mentioned it above (rabbit update, Horse update, and eagle update) which could be directly affects ranking.


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