Best Tools to Develop Mobile Apps for You

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Mobile Phone apps are so common these days due to the convenience they provide to reach more audience. It is good for the businesses to develop their own apps that are easy to access and use for the smart phone users. Businesses can build apps for Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows phones. There are several ways to develop mobile phone apps with multiple advantages. It is really a benefit to have your own app and here are the simple tools to develop the apps for you.

Alpha Anywhere

Alpha anywhere is the tool that supports multiple databases and can build app for websites, desktop apps and mobile phones including android, windows and iOS. With the help of this tool the apps can be developed in HTML adaptable for 4 inches to 4 feet screens.

App Makr

App Makr is the tool that also develops browser based applications for iOS and windows. It is the easy to use and quick app developing tool to build apps featuring push notifications and others.


It is an easy to use app developer for iOS. AppArchitect builds website based applications for iPhone and iPads that can be downloaded from the App Store. It uses no code drag and drop building technique.


Genwi is the platform where all kind of apps for all the mobile phones can be created. This tool allows to builds the apps for iPhone and iPads also along with Android and windows. Interactive media used in the development of apps is available in rich amount here. You can also revise your app whenever you like and whatever you want to alter or modify. Ads and subscription facility that this tool provides help in generating profit for the businesses.


It is another online tool for building mobile phone application for the businesses. It can develop database apps while offering over 300 templates for the applications. You can use their templates with customization facility and build the apps as mobile websites.  


ViziApps is also online app developer. This tool has online builder for Mobile phone apps with customization provision and samples of apps for all the mobile phones including iOS and Android. This tool designs with stock of 60 backgrounds and 4,000 images. The customization facility in the audio, video, navigation panels and bars and other extensions are used in the development of the apps.


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