Apple’s iOS 9 rumors: More stability

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If the rumors are correct, then the Apple iOS9 will be launching with a lot of changes and stability. It is said that the new iOS will be similar to Mac OS 10.6 which is also known as Snow Leopard. If this happens it would help fix a lot of bugs that the new OS have been facing. People were generally not happy with the iOS7 and iOS8. Finally, iOS 9 will come up with better performance. People are anticipating the new iOS as they cannot tolerate how iOS7 drained the battery life of their iPhone. Not only did they face problems with iOS7 but with iOS8 too as it caused a lot of WIFI issues and had vast install requirements. Many Apple fans have been annoyed lately as they lost data through iCloud synchronization. Not only that, but due to the bugs many people have to reboot their phones constantly. Safari crashes in the middle of browsing which have made the life of Apple fans miserable. Finally, with iOS9 such bugs would disappear hopefully.

If iOS 9 does bring more stability and a better experience on a larger screen this will certainly go down well in China  as the iPhone 6 Plus has gained popularity over recent months and should the experience be improve it should see a further jump in sales.

The Rumored Updated iOS9:

According to the rumors, the updated iOS will also be called Monarch. It is true that with the release of new OS, many problems arise but this time the upgrade has crossed all the limits.This is why, the new OSwould help in fixing bugs, improving general performance, decreasing the update size and most importantly enhancing stability.

The new iOS will work on the same devices as iOS8. So it would include all these devices; iPhone 4S, iPad mini, iPad2, iPad retina and the 5th generation iPod. The new iOS might also improve the software and add a few more things but the main concern for now is to make the device better overall. A regular Apple fan is not as happy as he or she used to be a couple of years ago. Many users do not care of upgrading their OS, simply because it consumes a lot of time and takes a lot of effort. Not only that, but they are also scared of losing their data in the process of upgrading due to bugs. The main focus of Apple should be to overcome these bugs and provide stability to the phone.

For now, the only thing Apple users want is to have a good stable experience that they used to get before ioS 7 was launched. It is not that Apple’s hardware and software have lost their charm but they definitely need to show more consistent performance.


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