10 Facts Why Developers Must Try Ruby on Rails

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The latest of the frameworks for designing any application is Ruby on Rails. The emerging Ruby on Rails has many interesting features that attract developers to try this framework for designing web applications. Many of the developers want to know if they should learn Ruby on Rails or not. Here is the ultimate guide featuring 10 interesting facts that will convince the developers to must try it. “Rails” has developed this written in the Ruby language that is the most flexible and can be used in effective manner. 

  1. Ruby on Rails is a Framework

It is written in Ruby that is the flexible and user friendly language and helps to build website application. This is the framework and not the language. It is really easy and simple to use framework in developing.

  1. It is the beginners friendly

Ruby on Rails is the best framework for the beginners. It is very much easier than the other due to Ruby language that is friendly and forgiving. Beginners can enjoy developing web applications with Ruby on Rails. Beginners can avoid working hard when they have Ruby on Rails.

  1. It saves you from writing complex code

The language used in this framework is really easy and friendly that you can avoid writing complicated codes. It saves you from writing complicated and complex codes while developing apps.

  1. Save times and develop apps fast

You can build the apps in less time than other frameworks and techniques. It is possible due to less coding required and really being user friendly. Developers can build apps fast and in less time.

  1. Startups are using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is an emerging framework getting fame day by day and due to its friendly nature startups and ecommerce are specifically using this framework that will create opportunities for the learners of Ruby on Rails.

  1. Hides the stuff you don’t need to know

Another benefit that Ruby on Rails learners can get is that it hides the extra stuff that you are not required. Developers will not need to know SQL in Ruby on Rails. This is best of the beginners when there is no need to give detailed attention to the customization. It also has free security stuff for you.

  1. It is a full stack

Ruby on rails covers both front end and back end while most of the languages do not have this feature. Another amazing thing is that as you finish learning ruby on rails you will have learnt a bit of HTML, CSS and JavaScript also.

  1. It won’t let you bore while developing complex apps

If you are bored to learn and use complex languages and coding you must try ruby on rails. Now you can build complex websites and applications that involves database with ruby on rails.

  1. You can build your personal website with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on rails is the most effective framework to build websites and apps fast. Beginners can easily build their personal website with this. It is the valuable tool to startup.

  1. Some of the world’s biggest sites are build on Ruby on Rails

It will be surprising to know that some of the world’s biggest sites are built on ruby on rails. These includes Fab.com, Hulu.com, Kickstarter.com, Pitchfork, Basecamp, Scribd, Soundcloud, Shopify, Crunchbase, Slideshare, Funny or die and others.


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